The Mad Props Manifesto

Mad Props holds that California’s initiative process has more or less devolved into a recurring nightmare shaped like this:

  • The measures that reach the ballot are all too often funded by (or opposed by) obscenely well-funded special interests, which tend to fill the airwaves and interwebs with misrepresentations and outright, damnable lies.
  • Most Californians know very little about how their government actually works, so all too often, We the People, through the initiative process, pass laws and constitutional amendments that only add to the dysfunction of our beloved Golden State.

Mad Props does its level-headed best to beat back the forces of ignorance, greed, and hate (yes, hate: remember Prop 8?) by providing straightforward, no-bullshit commentary on statewide ballot measures (with plenty of references, so you can double-check our work). We give you the background you need so you can head to the ballot box with informed, intelligent votes. We spend hours researching the Props, sometimes agonizing over them, so that you don’t have to. And we believe that any given initiative deserves a no vote by default unless it is clear that a yes vote has a good chance of leaving us all better off. The burden of proof lies squarely with a measure’s proponents.

We recommend that all voters read their Voter Information Guide (yes, that’s the booklet they stuff in your mailbox). But when you do, if you can’t tell who’s virtuous and who’s trying to screw us all, Mad Props is here for you. We are completely, 100 percent independent. The Mad Propster draws no pay for his efforts; this is his labor of love.

We thank you deeply for visiting and reading, and remind you that if you don’t vote with us,  you are part of the problem!

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